Printing Finishes

Opting for a lamination on a product will increase the quality and give a great feel. Using a lamination will also ensure that your printed products are given a longer life as laminating a product will protect your print against environmental factors.

Laminated products certainly make for a better appearance and quality, as well as adding a certain elegance. Depending on which type of lamination you opt for, you can have a great, smooth feel and lamination both sides will increase the weight of your product.

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What type of print finishes would you choose?

Matt Lamination

This will give your product a super smooth feel and professional look. A really popular choice and lends itself to most products.

Gloss Lamination

Not to be easily dismissed, a Gloss finish will enhance and make colours look stronger. We particularly love gloss on A6 (postcard) sized leaflets.

Soft Touch Lamination

If you want to impress the next time you hand over your Business Card, a Soft Touch lamination will do just that. Smooth and velvety to touch, your customers just won’t want to put it down.

Other Print Finishes

UV Coating/Spot UV

A great way to add fun, definition or just enrich your printed products using UV lacquer. This really does give a high-quality touch which will be resistant and resilient to external influences.

Spot UV will bring attention to important aspects of your printed products such as your company’s name or logo.

Pantone Colour Matching

When it’s super important that all your printed products are a set colour then Pantone colour matching is the easiest way to achieve this. It’s not the cheapest option but worth it if colour matching is vitally important to your brand.